Canto 05, Chapter 16: A Description of Jambudvipa – Quiz

01. The rolling wheel of ___________‘s chariot created 7 ditches in which the 7 oceans in the Bhu-mandala came into existence.
a)   King Uttanupada
b)   Maharaja Priyavrata
c)   Jada Bharata
d)   Lord Rshibadeva
02. The island __________ is situated in the middle of Bhu-mandala which resembles the lotus flower.
a)   Jambudvipa
b)   Navadvipa
c)   Saptadvipa
d)   Kaladvipa
03. In Jambudvipa there are ____________ divisions of land and ____________ mountains that mark boundaries of these divisions.
a)   9,8
b)   8,9
c)   6,7
d)   7,6
04. ____________ Mountain is like the pericarp of the lotus like bhu-mandala system.
a)   Nila
b)   Sveta
c)   Srngavan
d)   Sumeru
05. Another name for India is_________.
a)   Ilavrata varsa
b)   Hari varsa
c)   Bharata varsa
d)   Kimpurusa varsa
06. Standing like flagstuffs on the summits of these 4 mountains are ________ tree, rose apple tree, ____________ tree and a banyan tree.
a)   Coconut, Pine
b)   Palm, Ashoka
c)   Mango, Kadamba
d)   Jack fruit, Tamal
07. The water of 4 huge lakes between the 4 mountains taste like milk, honey, sugarcane juice and __________.
a)   Mango juice
b)   Pure water
c)   Coconut water
d)   Nectar
08. All the facilities are for the enjoyment of ________________.
a)   Lord Vishnu
b)   Demigods
c)   Living entities of the material world
d)   All the above
09. River Arunoda which flows through the eastern side of Ilavrata is made up of the fragrant juice of __________ tree.
a)   Mango
b)   Jambu
c)   Mahakadamba
d)   Banyan
10. From the roots of _______________ tree flows rivers which provides people with ample supplies of milk, yogurt, honey, butter etc.
a)   Mango
b)   Jambu
c)   Mahakadamba
d)   Banyan
11. ____________, a mountain of solid gold shining as brilliantly as fire, is surrounded by 8 mountains.
a)   Sumeru
b)   Trisrnga
c)   Kailasa
d)   Pavana
Question No. 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11
Answer: b a a d c c b b a d a
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