Canto 04, Chapter 29: Talks Between Narada and King Pracinabarhi – Quiz

01. The story of King Puranjana narrated in the earlier chapter is_________.
a)   A true story
b)   An allegorical story  to realize the purpose of life for the conditioned souls
c)   A future happening of King Pracinabarhi
d)   A mystical story
02. Puranjana is actually_________.
a)   The 2 legged living entity
b)   The 4 legged living entity
c)   The many legged living entity
d)   Any type of living entity , as the so-called enjoyer
03. When the living entity wants to enjoy the material nature in its totality, it prefers to accept the body__________.
a)   Of a human being
b)   Of a demigod
c)   A or B
d)   Of an animal
04. The commander of all the senses is__________.
a)   The tongue
b)   The Mind
c)   The intelligence
d)   The false ego
05. Of the nine gates of the living entity________is the northern gate.
a)   Right ear
b)   Left ear
c)   Genital and rectum
d)   2 eyes, 2 nostrils and a mouth
06. The 2 nostrils are called__________.
a)   Nalini and Naalini
b)   Rasajnas
c)   Pitrhu and Devahu
d)   Khadyota and Avirmukhi
07. The 2 blind associates of Puranjana are_________.
a)   The 2 ears
b)   The 2 eyes
c)   The hands and legs
d)   Rectum and genitals
08. The living entity being influenced by__________identifies himself with the body and becomes attached to various activities.
a)   Modes of material nature
b)   Mode of Goodness
c)   Mode of passion
d)   Mode of ignorance
09. Our material existence is due to ignorance and illusion. The only way out is to awaken to_____________.
a)   Meditation
b)   Jnana Process
c)   Yoga Process
d)   Krishna Consciousness
10. ______________ is eligible to see the Supreme Personality of Godhead face to face.
a)   One who is faithful
b)   One who is always hearing the glories of the Lord
c)   One who is always engaged in the culture of Krishna Consciousness

11. ____________should never be taken as the ultimate goal of life.
a)   Vedic rituals
b)   Demigod worship by the symptoms of Vedic Mantras
c)   Yajnas for fruitive results
d)   Any of the above
12. After Narada Muni finished his explanation about the real purpose of life by the allegorical story of Puranjana, King Pracinabarhi said that the reason he was unaware of all of it was_______.
a)   He was a materialistic king and never took the advice of spiritual masters
b)   He had forgotten all what he had learnt
c)   The Spiritual masters who engaged him in fruitive activity were themselves unaware of this confidential knowledge
d)   He had neglected the advice of the Spiritual masters
13. For a living entity the_________indicates the past and future bodies.
a)   Mind
b)   Intelligence
c)   False ego
d)   Present body
14. The caterpillar transports itself from one leaf to another by capturing one leaf before giving up the other. This analogy is used to explain________.
a)   According to ones previous work, the living entity must capture another body before giving up the one he has
b)   One should find the next place to step on before removing the first step while walking
c)   The caterpillar has to cross many species before attaining a human form and hence is careful
d)   Living entity has to always plan his future well
15. After hearing the instructions from Narada Muni, King Pracinabarhi________.
a)   Went along with Narada Muni to Siddhaloka immediately
b)   Waited in the palace for his sons who had gone to perform meditation
c)   Left orders for his sons to protect the citizens and left to Kapilasrama
d)   Just ignored the instructions
d)   All the above
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