Canto 04, Chapter 28: Puranjana Becomes a Woman in the Next Life – Quiz

01. When Kalakanya attacked the body of Puranjana, the soldiers of the Yavana king entered the different gates of the city and began to trouble the citizens. This in essence means that________.
a)   Puranjana was not careful enough to not allow Kalakanya to attack him
b)   The gates of the city were not properly closed and hence was attacked
c)   The citizens of the city were not devotees
d)   When old age attacks,  all the gates of the body are blocked by so many diseases and one becomes really miserable
02. When King Puranjana was embraced by Kalakanya,_________.
a)   He gradually lost all his beauty
b)   He lost all his opulence
c)   He became very poor in intelligence
d)   All the above
03. When the king’s body was completely being deteriorated he was continuously thinking of_________.
a)   His wife that she would not be able to maintain the responsibility of household affairs
b)   His wife tat how she was always so dear and attached to him and was a good counsel at times of need
c)   The Supreme Lord who was in his heart as the Super Soul
d)   Both a and b
04. When the Yavanas were taking King Puranjana binding him like an animal, his followers were greatly aggrieved. Here the followers refer to_________.
a)   The life
b)   The life air
c)   The desires
d)   All the above
05. King Puranjana in his next life was born as________.
a)   A very poor woman
b)   Daughter of king of Vidarbha who later married Malayadhvaja
c)   King of Vidarbha
d)   Queen of Vidarbha
06. King Malayadhvaja________.
a)   Attained perfect knowledge because in his pure state he was directly instructed by the Supreme Lord
b)   By his enlightening transcendental knowledge could understand everything from all angles of vision
c)   Both a and b
d)   Was too much attached to his wife as she was King Puranjana in her previous life
07. When the daughter of King Vidarbha realized that her husband had passed away_________.
a)   She fell down at the feet of her dead husband and cried incessantly
b)   She returned back to the palace to live under the shelter of her children
c)   She came back and took her position back as the queen
d)   She placed her body on the blazing fires of her husbands pyre and gave up her body
08. A Brahmana, introducing himself to be the intimate friend, approached the queen and began to pacify. Here the Brahmana refers to________.
a)   The Paramatma residing in our heart
b)   The friend of the queen when she was very young
c)   The friend of the queen when she was in her previous life as King Puranjana
d)   The family friend of King Malayadhvaja
09. The friend instructed the queen that________.
a)   He is the Super soul, her eternal companion, and she is the individual soul, both spiritual
b)   They both are actually one qualitatively
c)   The fact that the individual soul is identifying itself with the body is due to the illusionary energy created by the Super soul’s potency
d)   All the above
Question No. 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09
Answer: d d d d b c a a d
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