Canto 03, Chapter 05: Vidura’s Talks with Maitreya – Quiz

01. Vidura met Maitreya Rsi at the banks of the river ________.
a) Ganga 
b) Yamuna 
c) Kaveri 
d) Tapi
02. Vidura inquired from Maitreya Rsi on_________.
a) The transcendental devotional service of the Lord 
b) How Lord accepts incarnations and creates cosmic manifestation all perfectly 
c) The auspicious characteristics of the Lord in His different incarnations 
d) All the above
03. Vidura is pained to see how the duration of common people is spoiled by_________.
a) Presentations of philosophical speculations 
b) Theoretical ultimate goals of life 
c) Different modes of ritual 
d) All the above
04. Vidura was formerly King _________.
a) Yamaraja 
b) Viswaksena 
c) Bhoja 
d) Dasaratha
05. ________ transforms into false ego, which is manifested in 3 phases.
a) Mahatattva 
b) Absolute truth 
c) The Supreme Lord 
d) Material energy
06. The false ego is transformed into mind by interaction with mode of _______.
a) Goodness 
b) Passion 
c) Ignorance 
d) B and c
07. The sky is the product of ________.
a) Fire 
b) Water 
c) Earth 
d) Sound
Quetion No. 01 02 03 04 05 06 07
Answer: a d d a b a d
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