Canto 03, Chapter 04: Vidura Approaches Maitreya – Quiz

01. The Lord ashed Uddhava to go to _________ to spend the rest of his days.
a) Vrndavana 
b) JagannathPuri 
c) Badarikashrama 
d) Rameswaram
02. Lord in the enactment of His last lila on this earthly planet, was sitting, taking rest against a young ——— tree.
a) Mango 
b) Banyan 
c) Tamaal 
d) Kadamba
03. During His ending lila, when Lord was talking to Uddhava, _______ approached to that place.
a) Maitreya 
b) Vidhura 
c) Vasudeva 
d) Balarama
04. Uddhava desired only to_______.
a) Engage in the loving service of the Lord’s lotus feet 
b) Always remember the Lord 
c) Serve the Lord from his mind, body and soul 
d) All the above
05. The Lord resides in Badarikashrama in His incarnation as__________.
a) NaraNarayana Rsi 
b) Vamanadeva 
c) Vyasadeva 
d) Parasurama
06. Vidura was instructed by Uddhava to receive the transcendental knowledge from __________.
a) Maitreya Muni 
b) NaraNarayana Rsi 
c) Yudhistira 
d) Bhisma
Question No 01 02 03 04 05 06
Answer: c b a d a a
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