Srimad Bhagavatam Canto 12, Chapter 11, Text 06-08


SB 12.11.6-8

etad vai paurusam rupam
 bhuh padau dyauh siro nabhah
nabhih suryo ’ksini nase
 vayuh karnau disah prabhoh
prajapatih prajananam
 apano mrtyur isituh
tad-bahavo loka-pala
 manas candro bhruvau yamah
lajjottaro ’dharo lobho
 danta jyotsna smayo bhramah
romani bhuruha bhumno
 meghah purusa-murdhajah
This is the representation of the Supreme Lord as the universal person, in which the earth is His feet, the sky His navel, the sun His eyes, the wind His nostrils, the demigod of procreation His genitals, death His anus and the moon His mind. The heavenly planets are His head, the directions His ears, and the demigods protecting the various planets His many arms. The god of death is His eyebrows, shame His lower lip, greed His upper lip, delusion His smile, and moonshine His teeth, while the trees are the almighty Purusa’s bodily hairs, and the clouds the hair on His head.
Various aspects of material creation, such as the earth, the sun and the trees, are sustained by various limbs of the universal body of the Lord. Thus they are considered nondifferent from Him, as described in this verse, which is meant for meditation.
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