Srimad Bhagavatam Canto 12, Chapter 09, Text 28-29


SB 12.9.28-29

kham rodasi bha-ganan adri-sagaran
 dvipan sa-varsan kakubhah surasuran
vanani desan saritah purakaran
 khetan vrajan asrama-varna-vrttayah
mahanti bhutany atha bhautikany asau
 kalam ca nana-yuga-kalpa-kalpanam
yat kiñcid anyad vyavahara-karanam
 dadarsa visvam sad ivavabhasitam
The sage saw the entire universe: the sky, heavens and earth, the stars, mountains, oceans, great islands and continents, the expanses in every direction, the saintly and demoniac living beings, the forests, countries, rivers, cities and mines, the agricultural villages and cow pastures, and the occupational and spiritual activities of the various social divisions. He also saw the basic elements of creation along with all their by-products, as well as time itself, which regulates the progression of countless ages within the days of Brahma. In addition, he saw everything else created for use in material life. All this he saw manifested before him as if it were real.
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