Srimad Bhagavatam Canto 11, Chapter 29, Text 04

SB 11.29.4

kim citram acyuta tavaitad asesa-bandho
 dasesv ananya-saranesu yad atma-sattvam
yo ’rocayat saha mrgaih svayam isvaranam
My dear infallible Lord, it is not very astonishing that You intimately approach Your servants who have taken exclusive shelter of You. After all, during Your appearance as Lord Ramacandra, even while great demigods like Brahma were vying to place the effulgent tips of their helmets upon the cushion where Your lotus feet rested, You displayed special affection for monkeys such as Hanuman because they had taken exclusive shelter of You.
The devotees of the Lord become completely successful by the Lord’s causeless mercy. Sometimes Lord Krsna accepts a position of subservience to His great devotees, as with Nanda Maharaja, the gopis, Bali Maharaja and others. Although demigods like Lord Brahma were standing in line to touch their helmets to the Lord’s foot cushion, still Lord Ramacandra awarded His most intimate friendship to subhumans, such as the monkeys headed by Hanuman. Similarly Lord Krsna’s affection for the deer and cows, and even for the trees of Vrndavana, is well known. Further, the Lord gladly drove the chariot of Arjuna and acted as the messenger and faithful subordinate of King Yudhisthira. Such devotees have no need for the elaborate jñana-yoga systems or the process for achieving mystic powers. All these devotees are represented here by Sri Uddhava, who frankly informs the Lord that the sophisticated systems of philosophical speculation and mystic yoga are not appealing for one who has developed a taste for direct loving service to the Lord.
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