Srimad Bhagavatam Canto 11, Chapter 27, Text 16-17


SB 11.27.16-17

snanalankaranam prestham
 arcayam eva tuddhava
sthandile tattva-vinyaso
 vahnav ajya-plutam havih
surye cabhyarhanam prestham
 salile saliladibhih
sraddhayopahrtam prestham
 bhaktena mama vary api
In worshiping the temple Deity, my dear Uddhava, bathing and decoration are the most pleasing offerings. For the Deity traced on sacred ground, the process of tattva-vinyasa is most dear. Oblations of sesame and barley soaked in ghee are the preferred offering to the sacrificial fire, whereas worship consisting of upasthana and arghya is preferred for the sun. One should worship Me in the form of water by offering water itself. Actually, whatever is offered to Me with faith by My devotee — even if only a little water — is most dear to Me.
The Supreme Personality of Godhead is present everywhere, and Vedic culture prescribes various ritualistic methods for worshiping the Lord in His various manifestations. The principal item is the faith and devotion of the worshiper, without which everything else is useless, as the Lord describes in the next verse.
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