Srimad Bhagavatam Canto 11, Chapter 26, Text 02

SB 11.26.2

guna-mayya jiva-yonya
 vimukto jñana-nisthaya
gunesu maya-matresu
 drsyamanesv avastutah
vartamano ’pi na puman
 yujyate ’vastubhir gunaih
A person fixed in transcendental knowledge is freed from conditioned life by giving up his false identification with the products of the material modes of nature. Seeing these products as simply illusion, he avoids entanglement with the modes of nature, although constantly among them. Because the modes of nature and their products are simply not real, he does not accept them.
The three modes of nature become manifest as varieties of material bodies, places, families, countries, foods, sports, war, peace and so forth. In other words, everything we see within the material world is constituted of the modes of nature. A liberated soul, although existing within the ocean of material energy, sees everything as the property of the Lord and is thus not entangled. Although Maya tempts such a liberated soul to become a thief — to steal the property of the Lord for sense gratification — a Krsna conscious person does not bite the bait of Maya; he remains honest and pure in Krsna consciousness. In other words, he does not believe that anything within the universe can become his personal property for sense gratification, especially the illusory form of a woman.
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