Srimad Bhagavatam Canto 11, Chapter 23, Text 18-19


SB 11.23.18-19

steyam himsanrtam dambhah
 kamah krodhah smayo madah
bhedo vairam avisvasah
 samspardha vyasanani ca
ete pañcadasanartha
 hy artha-mula mata nrnam
tasmad anartham arthakhyam
 sreyo-’rthi duratas tyajet
Theft, violence, speaking lies, duplicity, lust, anger, perplexity, pride, quarreling, enmity, faithlessness, envy and the dangers caused by women, gambling and intoxication are the fifteen undesirable qualities that contaminate men because of greed for wealth. Although these qualities are undesirable, men falsely ascribe value to them. One desiring to achieve the real benefit of life should therefore remain aloof from undesirable material wealth.
The words anartham arthakhyam, or “undesirable wealth,” indicate wealth that cannot be efficiently engaged in the loving service of the Lord. Such superfluous money or property will undoubtedly pollute a man with all of the above-mentioned qualities and therefore should be given up.
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