Srimad Bhagavatam Canto 11, Chapter 19, Text 33-35


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SB 11.19.33-35

sri-bhagavan uvaca
ahimsa satyam asteyam
 asango hrir asañcayah
astikyam brahmacaryam ca
 maunam sthairyam ksamabhayam
saucam japas tapo homah
 sraddhatithyam mad-arcanam
tirthatanam parartheha
 tustir acarya-sevanam
ete yamah sa-niyama
 ubhayor dvadasa smrtah
pumsam upasitas tata
 yatha-kamam duhanti hi
The Supreme Personality of Godhead said: Nonviolence, truthfulness, not coveting or stealing the property of others, detachment, humility, freedom from possessiveness, trust in the principles of religion, celibacy, silence, steadiness, forgiveness and fearlessness are the twelve primary disciplinary principles. Internal cleanliness, external cleanliness, chanting the holy names of the Lord, austerity, sacrifice, faith, hospitality, worship of Me, visiting holy places, acting and desiring only for the supreme interest, satisfaction, and service to the spiritual master are the twelve elements of regular prescribed duties. These twenty-four elements bestow all desired benedictions upon those persons who devotedly cultivate them.
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