Srimad Bhagavatam Canto 11, Chapter 19, Text 27

SB 11.19.27

dharmo mad-bhakti-krt prokto
 jñanam caikatmya-darsanam
gunesv asango vairagyam
 aisvaryam canimadayah
Actual religious principles are stated to be those that lead one to My devotional service. Real knowledge is the awareness that reveals My all-pervading presence. Detachment is complete disinterest in the objects of material sense gratification, and opulence is the eight mystic perfections, such as anima-siddhi.
The Supreme Lord is perfect knowledge; thus one who has been delivered from ignorance automatically engages in the devotional service of the Lord and is called religious. One who becomes detached from the three modes of material nature and the gratificatory objects they produce is considered to be situated in detachment. The eight mystic yoga perfections, described previously by the Lord to Uddhava, constitute material power, or opulence, in the highest degree.
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