Srimad Bhagavatam Canto 11, Chapter 17, Text 18

SB 11.17.18

astikyam dana-nistha ca
 adambho brahma-sevanam
atustir arthopacayair
 vaisya-prakrtayas tv imah
Faith in Vedic civilization, dedication to charity, freedom from hypocrisy, service to the brahmanas and perpetually desiring to accumulate more money are the natural qualities of the vaisyas.
Atustir arthopacayaih indicates that a vaisya is never satisfied with any amount of wealth and always wants to accumulate more. On the other hand, he is dana-nistha, or dedicated to charitable work; brahmasevi, always engaged in assisting the brahmanas; and adambha, free from hypocrisy. This is due to astikyam, or complete faith in the Vedic way of life, and confidence that one will be rewarded or punished in the next life for one’s present activities. The fervent desire of the vaisyas to accumulate wealth is not the same as ordinary material greed, because it is purified and tempered by the superior qualities mentioned in this verse.
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