Srimad Bhagavatam Canto 11, Chapter 14, Text 36-42


SB 11.14.36-42

hrt-pundarikam antah-stham
 urdhva-nalam adho-mukham
dhyatvordhva-mukham unnidram
 asta-patram sa-karnikam
karnikayam nyaset surya-
 somagnin uttarottaram
vahni-madhye smared rupam
 mamaitad dhyana-mangalam
samam prasantam su-mukham
 su-kapolam suci-smitam
hemambaram ghana-syamam
nupurair vilasat-padam
 kaustubha-prabhaya yutam
sarvanga-sundaram hrdyam
su-kumaram abhidhyayet
 sarvangesu mano dadhat
 manasakrsya tan manah
buddhya sarathina dhirah
 pranayen mayi sarvatah
Keeping the eyes half closed and fixed on the tip of one’s nose, being enlivened and alert, one should meditate on the lotus flower situated within the heart. This lotus has eight petals and is situated on an erect lotus stalk. One should meditate on the sun, moon and fire, placing them one after the other within the whorl of that lotus flower. Placing My transcendental form within the fire, one should meditate upon it as the auspicious goal of all meditation. That form is perfectly proportioned, gentle and cheerful. It possesses four beautiful long arms, a charming, beautiful neck, a handsome forehead, a pure smile and glowing, shark-shaped earrings suspended from two identical ears. That spiritual form is the color of a dark rain cloud and is garbed in golden-yellowish silk. The chest of that form is the abode of Srivatsa and the goddess of fortune, and that form is also decorated with a conchshell, disc, club, lotus flower and garland of forest flowers. The two brilliant lotus feet are decorated with ankle bells and bracelets, and that form exhibits the Kaustubha gem along with an effulgent crown. The upper hips are beautified by a golden belt, and the arms are decorated with valuable bracelets. All of the limbs of that beautiful form capture the heart, and the face is beautified by merciful glancing. Pulling the senses back from the sense objects, one should be grave and self-controlled and should use the intelligence to strongly fix the mind upon all of the limbs of My transcendental body. Thus one should meditate upon that most delicate transcendental form of Mine.
Lord Krsna here answers Uddhava’s question concerning the correct procedure, nature and object of meditation for those desiring liberation.


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