Srimad Bhagavatam Canto 11, Chapter 14, Text 17

SB 11.14.17

niskiñcana mayy anurakta-cetasah
 santa mahanto ’khila-jiva-vatsalah
kamair analabdha-dhiyo jusanti te
 yan nairapeksyam na viduh sukham mama
Those who are without any desire for personal gratification, whose minds are always attached to Me, who are peaceful, without false ego and merciful to all living entities, and whose consciousness is never affected by opportunities for sense gratification — such persons enjoy in Me a happiness that cannot be known or achieved by those lacking such detachment from the material world.
The pure devotees always experience transcendental bliss in their service to Sri Krsna, the reservoir of pleasure; thus they are completely detached from material pleasure and do not desire even liberation. Since all others have some personal desire, they cannot experience such happiness. Pure devotees always desire to give Krsna conscious happiness to all others, and therefore they are called mahantah, or great souls. In the course of a devotee’s service, many opportunities for sense gratification arise, but a pure devotee is not tempted or attracted and does not fall down from his exalted transcendental position.
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