Srimad Bhagavatam Canto 11, Chapter 07, Text 15

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SB 11.7.15

tyago ’yam duskaro bhuman
 kamanam visayatmabhih
sutaram tvayi sarvatmann
 abhaktair iti me matih
My dear Lord, O Supreme Soul, for those whose minds are attached to sense gratification, and especially for those bereft of devotion unto You, such renunciation of material enjoyment is most difficult to perform. That is my opinion.
Those who are truly devoted to the Supreme Lord do not accept anything for their personal gratification but rather accept those things suitable to be offered in the Lord’s loving service. The word visayatmabhih indicates those who desire material objects for their personal gratification instead of for the devotional service of the Lord. The minds of such materialistic persons are suitably disturbed, and it is virtually impossible for such persons to renounce material enjoyment. This is the opinion of Sri Uddhava.
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