Srimad Bhagavatam Canto 11, Chapter 06, Text 24

SB 11.6.24

yani te caritanisa
 manusyah sadhavah kalau
srnvantah kirtayantas ca
 tarisyanty añjasa tamah
My dear Lord, those pious and saintly persons who in the Age of Kali hear about Your transcendental activities and also glorify them will easily cross over the darkness of the age.
Unfortunately, in Kali-yuga many persons are not attracted to the authorized Vedic literatures. Minimizing the transcendental process of hearing and chanting the glories of the Personality of Godhead, they prefer to listen to useless and whimsical vibrations on the radio and television, in newspapers and magazines, and so on. Rather than hear about Krsna from the bona fide spiritual master, they endlessly give their own opinions about everything, until they are dragged away by the force of time. After studying the temporary, limited forms of the material world, they impatiently conclude that the Absolute Truth is formless. Such persons are actually worshiping Krsna’s illusory energy, maya, who has been authorized to kick their stubborn heads. If instead people hear directly about Krsna from the bona fide sources, they will very easily solve all the problems of their lives. In Kali-yuga people are constantly suffering from many psychological, social, economic, historical, political and existential problems. But all these nightmarish problems can be removed as soon as one awakens to the transcendental reality of the Personality of Godhead, who is eternal, full of bliss and knowledge and beyond the bewildering manifestations of the material energy. The Lord appears within this universe so that people can observe, hear about and glorify His actual activities. In this difficult Age of Kali we should all seriously take advantage of this opportunity.
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