Srimad Bhagavatam Canto 10, Chapter 84, Text 67-68


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SB 10.84.67-68

tatah kamaih puryamanah
 sa-vrajah saha-bandhavah
dattam adaya paribarham
 yapito yadubhir yayau
Then, after Vasudeva, Ugrasena, Krsna, Uddhava, Balarama and others had fulfilled his desires and presented him with precious ornaments, fine linen and varieties of priceless household furnishings, Nanda Maharaja accepted all these gifts and took his leave. Seen off by all the Yadus, he departed with his family members and the residents of Vraja.
According to Srila Visvanatha Cakravarti, at the end of the three months Maharaja Nanda approached Krsna and told Him, “My dear son, for one drop of perspiration from Your divine face I am ready to give up countless lives. Let us leave now for Vraja; I cannot spend any more time here.” Then he went to Vasudeva and told him, “My dear friend, please send Krsna to Vraja,” and of King Ugrasena he requested, “Please order my friend to do this. If you refuse, I will have to drown myself here in Lord Parasurama’s lake. Just watch, if you do not believe me! We people of Vraja came to this holy place not to gain some piety on the occasion of the solar eclipse, but to get Krsna back or die.” Hearing these desperate words from Nanda, Vasudeva and the others tried to pacify him with valuable gifts.
Well-versed in the arts of diplomacy, Vasudeva consulted with his most trustworthy advisors and then satisfied Sri Nanda by telling him, “My dearest friend, O King of Vraja, it is of course true that none of you can live without Krsna. And how can we allow you to kill yourselves? Therefore, by all means I must send Krsna back to Vraja. I will do so right after we accompany Him and His relatives and friends — among them many helpless women — back to Dvaraka. Then, the very next day, without trying to obstruct Him in any way, I will let Him leave for Vraja at an auspicious time of the day. This I swear to you a thousand times over. After all, how can we who came here with Krsna go home without Him? What will people say about us? You are a great scholar in all matters, so please forgive me for making this request of you.”
Next Ugrasena addressed Nanda Maharaja: “My dear master of Vraja, I bear witness to Vasudeva’s statement and take this solemn vow: I will send Krsna back to Vraja even if I have to do it by force.”
Then Lord Krsna, joined by Uddhava and Balarama, spoke to Nanda in private. He said, “Dear father, if I go directly to Vraja today, leaving aside all these Vrsnis, they will die from the pain of separation from Me. Then many thousands of enemies more powerful than even Kesi and Arista will come to annihilate all these kings.
“Since I am omniscient, I know what is inevitably going to happen to Me. Listen and I will describe it to you. After returning to Dvaraka, I will receive an invitation from Yudhisthira and will go to Indraprastha to participate in his Rajasuya sacrifice. There I will kill Sisupala, after which I will again return to Dvaraka and kill Salva. Next I will travel to a place just south of Mathura to save you by killing Dantavakra. I will then go back to Vraja, see all My old friends and again sit in your lap with great pleasure. Indeed, with great happiness I will spend the rest of My life with you. God has written this fate on My forehead, and it has been written on your foreheads that until the day I return you must tolerate separation from Me. Neither of our destinies can possibly be changed, so please find the courage to leave Me here for now and go home to Vraja.
“And if, in the meantime, you, My dear parents, and you, My beloved friends, are distressed by the unavoidable fate written on our foreheads, then whenever you wish to feed Me some delicacy or play some game with Me or simply see Me, just close your eyes and I will appear before you to turn your torment into sky-flowers and fulfill all your desires. I promise you this, and the young friends of Mine whose lives I saved in a forest fire can vouch for it.”
Convinced by all these arguments that his son’s happiness was of prime importance, Nanda accepted the gifts offered him and took his leave, accompanied by the Yadus’ large army.
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