Srimad Bhagavatam Canto 10, Chapter 60, Text 41

SB 10.60.41

yad-vañchaya nrpa-sikhamanayo ’nga-vainya-
 jayanta-nahusa-gayadaya aikya-patyam
rajyam visrjya vivisur vanam ambujaksa
 sidanti te ’nupadavim ta ihasthitah kim
Wanting Your association, the best of kings — Anga, Vainya, Jayanta, Nahusa, Gaya and others — abandoned their absolute sovereignty and entered the forest to seek You out. How could those kings suffer frustration in this world, O lotus-eyed one?
Here Queen Rukmini refutes the ideas put forth by Lord Krsna in text 13. In fact Srimati Rukmini-devi repeats Lord Krsna’s own words. The Lord said, asthitah padavim su-bhru prayah sidanti yositah: “Women who follow My path generally suffer.” Here Rukmini-devi says, sidanti te ’nupadavim ta ihasthitah kim: “Why should those fixed on Your path suffer in this world?” She gives the example of many great kings who renounced their powerful sovereignty to enter the forest, where they performed austerities and worshiped the Lord, intensely desiring His transcendental association. Thus, according to Srila Visvanatha Cakravarti, Srimati Rukmini-devi here intends to tell Sri Krsna, “You have said that I, a king’s daughter, am unintelligent and frustrated because I married You. But how can You accuse all these great enlightened kings of being unintelligent? They were the wisest of men, yet they gave up everything to follow You and were certainly not frustrated by the result. Indeed, they achieved the perfection of Your association.”
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