Srimad Bhagavatam Canto 10, Chapter 47, Text 43

SB 10.47.43

tah kim nisah smarati yasu tada priyabhir
 vrndavane kumuda-kunda-sasanka-ramye
reme kvanac-carana-nupura-rasa-gosthyam
 asmabhir idita-manojña-kathah kadacit
Does He recall those nights in the Vrndavana forest, lovely with lotus, jasmine and the bright moon? As we glorified His charming pastimes, He enjoyed with us, His beloved girlfriends, in the circle of the rasa dance, which resounded with the music of ankle bells.
Srila Visvanatha Cakravarti gives the following deep realization about this verse: “The gopis knew that no place could be as beautiful as Vrndavana. Nowhere else in the universe could one find such a charming scene as the Vrndavana forest, which was scented with pious flowers and illumined by the full moon’s light reflected from the serene waves of the sacred Yamuna River. No one loved Krsna as much as the gopis, and thus no one else could understand Him as well. The gopis rendered intimate service to Krsna that only they could perfect. Thus the gopis were distraught to think that Lord Krsna was bereft of Vrndavana and bereft of their service. Free of all material lust, they were overwhelmed with disappointment because they could not give Krsna happiness by their loving service. They simply could not imagine Krsna enjoying anywhere else as He did in Vrndavana in their company.”
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