Srimad Bhagavatam Canto 10, Chapter 33, Text 08

SB 10.33.8

uccair jagur nrtyamana
 rakta-kanthyo rati-priyah
 yad-gitenedam avrtam
Eager to enjoy conjugal love, their throats colored with various pigments, the gopis sang loudly and danced. They were overjoyed by Krsna’s touch, and they sang songs that filled the entire universe.
According to an authoritative book on music called Sangita-sara, tavanta eva ragah suryavatyo jiva-jatayah, tesu sodasa-sahasri pura gopi-krta vara: “There are as many musical ragas as there are species of life. Among these ragas are sixteen thousand principal ones, which were manifested by the gopis.” Thus the gopis created sixteen thousand different ragas, or musical modes, and these have subsequently been disseminated throughout the world. The words yad-gitenedam avrtam also indicate that even today devotees throughout the world sing the praises of Krsna, following the example of the gopis.
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