Srimad Bhagavatam Canto 10, Chapter 30, Text 35-36


SB 10.30.35-36

ity evam darsayantyas tas
 cerur gopyo vicetasah
yam gopim anayat krsno
 vihayanyah striyo vane
sa ca mene tadatmanam
 varistham sarva-yositam
hitva gopih kama-yana
 mam asau bhajate priyah
As the gopis wandered about, their minds completely bewildered, they pointed out various signs of Krsna’s pastimes. The particular gopi whom Krsna had led into a secluded forest when He had abandoned all the other young girls began to think Herself the best of women. “My beloved has rejected all the other gopis,” She thought, “even though they are driven by Cupid himself. He has chosen to reciprocate with Me alone.”
Previously all the gopis had become proud of their association with Krsna and then suddenly lost His association. Only Radharani remained with Him. Now She has also become proud of that association and will suffer a similar fate. The Lord arranges all this to reveal the gopis’ unparalleled devotion for Him, a devotion whose intensity fully manifests in moments of separation.
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