Srimad Bhagavatam Canto 10, Chapter 25, Text 23

SB 10.25.23

ksut-trd-vyatham sukhapeksam
 hitva tair vraja-vasibhih
viksyamano dadharadrim
 saptaham nacalat padat
Lord Krsna, forgetting hunger and thirst and putting aside all considerations of personal pleasure, stood there holding up the hill for seven days as the people of Vraja gazed upon Him.
According to the Visnu Purana:
vrajaika-vasibhir harsa-
 vismitaksair niriksitah
gopa-gopi-janair hrstaih
 krsnah sailam adharayat
“Lord Krsna held up the mountain while His praises were chanted by the residents of Vraja, all of whom now had the opportunity to dwell together with Him, and who glanced at Him with joyful and amazed eyes. Thus the cowherd men and women were all elated, and out of loving affection they opened their eyes wide.”
By continuously drinking the nectar of the beauty and sweetness of Sri Krsna, the residents of Vrndavana felt no hunger, thirst or fatigue, and Lord Krsna, by seeing their beautiful forms, also forgot about eating, drinking and sleeping. Srila Visvanatha Cakravarti Thakura points out that seven days of continuous rain from the Samvartaka clouds failed to flood the district of Mathura because the Supreme Lord, simply by His potency, immediately dried up the water as it fell to the ground. Thus Krsna’s lifting of Govardhana Hill is full of fascinating details and has for thousands of years remained one of His most famous pastimes.
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