Srimad Bhagavatam Canto 10, Chapter 22, Text 23

SB 10.22.23

paridhaya sva-vasamsi
grhita-citta no celus
 tasmin lajjayiteksanah
The gopis were addicted to associating with their beloved Krsna, and thus they became captivated by Him. Thus, even after putting their clothes on they did not move. They simply remained where they were, shyly glancing at Him.
By association with their beloved Krsna, the gopis had become more attached to Him than ever. Just as Krsna had stolen their clothes, He had also stolen their minds and their love. The gopis interpreted the whole incident as proof that Krsna was also attached to them. Otherwise, why would He have gone to the trouble of playing with them in this way? Because they thought that Krsna was now attached to them, they glanced at Him with shyness, and being stunned by the rising of their ecstatic love, they could not move from where they stood. Krsna had overcome their shyness and forced them to come out of the water naked, but now, having dressed properly, they again became shy in His presence. In fact, this incident increased their humbleness before Krsna. They did not want Krsna to see them staring at Him, but they cautiously took the opportunity to glance at the Lord.
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