Srimad Bhagavatam Canto 10, Chapter 16, Text 19

SB 10.16.19

antar hrade bhujaga-bhoga-paritam arat
krsnam niriham upalabhya jalasayante
gopams ca mudha-dhisanan paritah pasums ca
sankrandatah parama-kasmalam apur artah
As they hurried along the path to the bank of the Yamuna River, they saw from a distance that Krsna was in the lake, motionless within the coils of the black serpent. They further saw that the cowherd boys had fallen unconscious and that the animals were standing on all sides, crying out for Krsna. Seeing all this, the residents of Vrndavana were overwhelmed with anguish and confusion.
In their grief and panic, the residents of Vrndavana tried to find out whether Kaliya had forcibly dragged young Krsna from the shore into the water, or whether Krsna had Himself jumped from the shore and fallen into the clutches of the snake. They could not understand anything about the situation, and Krsna’s cowherd boyfriends, being unconscious, were unable to tell them anything. The cows and calves were crying out for Krsna, and thus the whole situation was overwhelming and created a state of shock and panic among the residents of Vrndavana.
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