Srimad Bhagavatam Canto 10, Chapter 14, Text 36

SB 10.14.36

tavad ragadayah stenas
tavat kara-grham grham
tavan moho ’nghri-nigado
yavat krsna na te janah
My dear Lord Krsna, until people become Your devotees, their material attachments and desires remain thieves, their homes remain prisons, and their affectionate feelings for their family members remain foot-shackles.
Apparently, the residents of Vrndavana, the abode of Lord Krsna, are simple householders engaged in ordinary affairs such as herding cows, cooking, rearing children and performing religious ceremonies. However, all these activities are intensely engaged in the loving service of Lord Krsna. The residents of Vrndavana perform all activities in pure Krsna consciousness and thus exist on the most exalted platform of liberated life. Otherwise, the same activities performed without Krsna consciousness constitute ordinary bondage to the material world.
Thus, one should not misunderstand the exalted position of the residents of Vrndavana, nor should one consider oneself highly religious simply because one performs ordinary domestic affairs very enthusiastically, but without Krsna consciousness. By focusing our passionate attachment on our family and society, we are completely deviated from the progressive path of Krsna consciousness. Conversely, if we engage our family in the loving service of the Lord, our endeavors to maintain our family become part and parcel of our progressive spiritual duties.
In conclusion, by studying the extraordinary status of the residents of Vrndavana, we can see that the essential quality of their lives is pure Krsna consciousness the rendering of loving service to the Lord without a trace of material desire or mental speculation. Such loving service to the original Personality of Godhead immediately creates the atmosphere of Sri Vrndavana-dhama, the kingdom of God.
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