Srimad Bhagavatam Canto 06, Chapter 06, Text 24-26


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SB 6.6.24-26

punah prasadya tam somah
 kala lebhe ksaye ditah
srnu namani lokanam
 matrnam sankarani ca
atha kasyapa-patninam
 yat-prasutam idam jagat
aditir ditir danuh kastha
 arista surasa ila
munih krodhavasa tamra
 surabhih sarama timih
timer yado-gana asan
 svapadah sarama-sutah
Translation by His Divine Grace A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Srila Prabhupada: 
Thereafter the King of the moon pacified Prajapati Daksa with courteous words and thus regained the portions of light he had lost during his disease. Nevertheless he could not beget children. The moon loses his shining power during the dark fortnight, and in the bright fortnight it is manifest again. O King Pariksit, now please hear from me the names of Kasyapa’s wives, from whose wombs the population of the entire universe has come. They are the mothers of almost all the population of the entire universe, and their names are very auspicious to hear. They are Aditi, Diti, Danu, Kastha, Arista, Surasa, Ila, Muni, Krodhavasa, Tamra, Surabhi, Sarama and Timi. From the womb of Timi all the aquatics took birth, and from the womb of Sarama the ferocious animals like the tigers and lions took birth.
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