Canto 12, Chapter 11: Summary Description of the Mahapurusa – Quiz

01. _________ is the navel, ________ is the ears, ________ is the anus of the Supreme Lord when represented as the universal Person.
a)   Sky, directions, death
b)   Sun, wind, moon
c)   Greed, delusion, moonshine
d)   Trees, heavenly planets, clouds
02. Lord’s flower garland represents ________.
a)   Material energy
b)   Vedic meters
c)   Fearlessness
d)   Processes of Sankhya and yoga
03. Lord’s conch shell represents the element of ________.
a)   Fire
b)   Ether
c)   Time
d)   Water
04. The camara fans from which Lord accepts service represent ________.
a)   I and mine
b)   Male and female
c)   Religion and fame
d)   Greed and lust
05. In the month of Madhu, ________ is the sun-god, ________ is the Apsara and ________ is the sage.
a)   Aryama, Punjikasthali, Pulaha
b)   Mitra, Menaka, Atri
c)   Dhata, Krtasthali, Pulastya
d)   Varuna, Rambha, Vasistha
Question No. 01 02 03 04 05
Answer: a a d c c
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