Canto 12, Chapter 06: Maharaja Parikshit Passes Away – Quiz

01. Maharaj Parikshit said he has no fear of Taksaka anymore because_________.
a)   Taksaka would not kill the king as he had heard Bhagavatam
b)   He could now counteract the Brahmana boy’s curse
c)   He had absorbed himself in pure Absolute Truth that destroys fear
d)   He will go to heavenly planets after his death

02. Parikshit Maharaj asks Sukadeva Gosvami________.
a)   To give permission to resign all the functions of all his senses to Lord Krishna
b)   To allow him to absorb his mind unto to the Absolute Truth
c)   To allow him to give up his life absorbed in Lord Krishna
d)   All the above

03. Taksaka met ___________ muni on his way while going towards king Parikshit.
a)   Vasishta
b)   Kasyapa
c)   Vishwamitra
d)   Angira 

04. By the snake bird’s poison, King Parikshit________.
a)   Lay down dead
b)   Was unaffected
c)   Was carried away by Vaikunta airplane
d)   Was burned to ashes

05. Maharaja Janamejaya on hearing the death of his father was________.
a)   Sobered
b)   Humiliated
c)   Extremely angry and performed yajna to kill all snakes
d)   Bewildered

06. Taksaka, to protect his life took shelter of_________.
a)   Lord Vishnu
b)   Indra
c)   Narada Muni
d)   Kasyapa Muni 

07. King Janamejaya was pacified by_________.
a)   Brahaspati
b)   Indra
c)   Angira Muni
d)   Narada Muni 

08. The 3 original sounds of the alphabet – A, U, M include.
a)   3 aspects of material existence
b)   The names of 3 Vedas
c)   3 goals – Bhur, Bhuvar and Swar planetary systems
d)   All the above 

09. Srila Vyasadeva spoke the Atharva Veda to his disciple __________.
a)   Paila
b)   Samantu
c)   Jaimini
d)   Vaisampayana 

10. The disciples of Vaisampayana became authorities in the________.
a)   Rg Veda
b)   Sama Veda
c)   Yajur Veda
d)   Atharva veda


Question No. 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10
Answer: c d b d c b a d b d
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