Canto 11, Chapter 12: Beyond Renunciation and Knowledge – Quiz

01. The Supreme Lord tells to Uddhava the supremacy of ________ , who were so attached to the Lord that they could not think of their bodies, nor of this world, nor of their future lives.
a)   The Gopis of Vrndavana
b)   The queens of dwaraka
c)   The residents of Mathura
d)   The Pandavas
02. By ________ one can bring the Supreme Lord within control.
a)   Engaging in philosophical analysis of the elements of material nature
b)   Performing astanga yoga system
c)   Executing sacrificial performances and digging wells
d)   None of the above
03. The Supreme Lord asked Uddhava to ________ and thus be free from fear in all circumstances.
a)   Abandon Vedic mantras
b)   Abandon Vedic literatures and their positive and negative injunctions
c)   Take shelter of the Lord whole heartedly
d)   All the above
04. The tree of material existence has ________ seeds and gives ________ fruits.
a)   2, 2
b)   100, 100
c)   2, 100
d)   100, 2
05. The hundreds of roots of the tree of material existence are ________.
a)   Desires of the innumerable living entities
b)   Material modes of nature
c)   Material elements
d)   Constituent elements of the body
Question No. 01 02 03 04 05
Answer: a d d a a
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