Canto 11, Chapter 05: Narada Concludes His Teachings to Vasudeva – Quiz

01. The kshatriyas are born from _________ of Lord’s universal form.
a)   Thighs
b)   Face
c)   Arms
d)   Feet
02. The brahmacharis are generated from the ________of the Lord.
a)   Loins
b)   Chest
c)   Head
d)   Heart
03. In Satya yuga, people worshipped the Supreme Lord by_________.
a)   Austere meditation
b)   Internal sense control
c)   External sense control
d)   All the above
04. In Treta yuga Lord appears with a __________ complexion and has His symbols as ladle, spoon etc.
a)   Red
b)   Green
c)   Yellow
d)   White
05. In Dvapara yuga, Lord is decorated with__________.
a)   Lotus flower and a flag
b)   Kaustubha jewel
c)   Srivatsa
d)   All the above
06. In Kali yuga, the main form of worship is__________.
a)   Meditation
b)   Congregational chanting
c)   Sacrifice
d)   Deity worship
07. Enlightened persons worship _________.
a)   Satya yuga
b)   Treat yuga
c)   Dvapara yuga
d)   Kali yuga
08. ___________ is(are)considered as holy rivers of Dravida-desa.
a)   Kaveri
b)   Payasvini
c)   Krtamala
d)   All the above
09. Rsabhadeva’s wife’s name was ___________.
a)   Jayanti
b)   Shanti
c)   Damayanti
d)   Kunti
Question No. 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09
Answer: c d d a d b d d a
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