Canto 10, Chapter 83: Draupadi Meets the Queens of Krishna – Quiz

01. Draupadi asks ________ as how Krsna came to marry them.
a)   The 8 principal queens of Krishna
b)   The 16100 princesses who married Krishna after Bhaumasura was killed
c)   The first and foremost queen Rukmini Devi
d)   All the above
02. ________ said that she was picked up Lord Krishna from the midst of invincible warriors and it seemed like a lion forcibly taking its prey from the midst of goats and sheep.
a)   Rukmini
b)   Satyabhama
c)   Jambavati
d)   MitraVinda
03. ________ said Lord Krishna k she was performing severe austerities and penances with the hope to be with Krishna and so Lord came to her in the company of His friend and took her hand in marriage.
a)   Kalindi
b)   Lakshmana
c)   Bhadra
d)   Satya
04. ________ said that Lord Krishna subdued 7 bulls with deadly horns to prove His prowers and took her hand in marriage.
a)   Satyabhama
b)   Jambavati
c)   Satya
d)   Bhadra
05. Kusasthali is also another name of ________.
a)   Mathura
b)   Dvaraka
c)   Vrndavana
d)   Indraprastha
Question No. 01 02 03 04 05
Answer: d a a c b
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