Canto 10, Chapter 77: Lord Krishna Slays the Demon Saliva – Quiz

01. Pradyumna came back to the battlefield and attacked Dyuman with ________ naraca arrows.
a)   4
b)   8
c)   12
d)   16
02. The fight between Yadus and Salva’s followers went on for ________ days and nights ( Before Krishna arrived).
a)   8
b)   18
c)   27
d)   33
03. Salva managed to strike Lord Krishna’s arm and His bow ________ fell from His hand.
a)   Pancajanya
b)   Satarbaga
c)   Saranga
d)   Garuda
04. The disturbing s given to Krishna was that ________.
a)   His mother was seized by Salva
b)   His father was seized by Salva
c)   Dvaraka was occupied by Salva
d)   His grandfather was dead
05. Finally after a great battle, Salva was killed by Lord’s ________.
a)   Disc
b)   Club
c)   Arrows
d)   Spear
Question No. 01 02 03 04 05
Answer: b c c b a
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