Canto 10, Chapter 58: Krishna Marries Five Princesses – Quiz

01. Yudhisthira received the Lord by ________.
a)   Bowing down to Him
b)   Accepting Lord’s obeiscances
c)   By embracing Him
d)   All the above
02. Requested by King Yudhistira, the Lord remained happily in ________ during the months of rainy season.
a)   Dwaraka
b)   Mathura
c)   Vrndavan
d)   Indraprastha
03. Ksatriyas would hunt in the forest to ________.
a)   Practice their fighting skills
b)   Control population of ferocious beasts
c)   Provide animals for Vedic sacrifices
d)   All the above
04. Kalindi was desiring to have ________ as her husband.
a)   Almighty God
b)   Arjuna
c)   Bhima
d)   Lord Balarama
05. The father of Kalindi is ________.
a)   Moon God
b)   Sun God
c)   Fire God
d)   Vishvamitra Muni
06. Demon Maya, for being saved by Arjuna, presented to Arjuna ________.
a)   With an assembly hall
b)   With a bow
c)   With a pair of inexhaustible quivers
d)   With a set of white horses
07. Lord Krishna’s wife Mitravinda was the daughter of ________.
a)   His aunt Kunti
b)   His aunt Rajadhidevi
c)   Jarasandha
d)   His aunt Srutakirti
08. Lakshmana was the daughter of ________.
a)   King of Vidharbha
b)   King of Madra
c)   King of Magadha
d)   King of Bhadra
Question No 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08
Answer: b d d a b a c b
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