Canto 10, Chapter 56: The Syamantaka Jewel – Quiz

01. The Syamantaka jewel was given to Satrajit by ________.
a)   Surya
b)   Chandra
c)   Agni
d)   Vayu
02. Each day the Syamantaka jewel would produce ________ of gold.
a)   Unlimited
b)   1 bhara
c)   4 bharas
d)   8 bharas
03. The benediction of keeping and properly worshipping the Syamantaka jewel was ________.
a)   The place would be free from calamities
b)   The place would be free from evils like snake bite, mental, physical disorders
c)   There would be no deceitful persons around
d)   All the above
04. Lord Krishna requested Satrajit to give the jewel to ________.
a)   Himself
b)   Lord Balarama
c)   King Ugrasena
d)   Mother Yashoda
05. Prasena was killed by ________.
a)   A Lion
b)   Jambavan
c)   Jambavan’s son
d)   Krishna
06. The rumor of Prasena’s death spread in Dwaraka was ________.
a)   Krishna killed Prasena
b)   Balarama killed Prasena
c)   An elephant killed Prasena
d)   A bear killed Prasena
07. Jambavan saw Krishna ________.
a)   And immediately recognized Him as the Supreme Lord
b)   And decided to accept Him as his master
c)   And thought Him to be an ordinary man
d)   None of the above
08. The fight between Jambavan and Krishna went on for ________ days.
a)   20
b)   22
c)   27
d)   28
09. Jambavan honored Krishna by ________.
a)   Giving the Lord his daughter in marriage
b)   Agreeing to serve the Lord at Dwaraka
c)   Giving another jewel as a gift
d)   All the above
10. The people of Dwaraka had waited outside the cave for ________ days.
a)   12
b)   22
c)   9
d)   3

11. The jewel once recovered was formerly presented to ________.
a)   Balarama
b)   Satyabhama
c)   King Ugrasena
d)   Satrajit
Question No. 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11
Answer: a d d c a a c d a a d
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