Canto 10, Chapter 49: Akrura’s Mission in Hastinapur – Quiz

01. Akrura was the son of ________.
a)   Gandini
b)   Urmila
c)   Sandipani Muni
d)   Kaundini
02. Akrura lived in Hastinapura for several ________.
a)   Hours
b)   Days
c)   Weeks
d)   Months
03. Akrura was related to Kuntidevi as ________.
a)   Son
b)   Father
c)   Brother
d)   Nephew
04. Dhratarastra’s father’s name was _________.
a)   Parasar
b)   Vicitravirya
c)   Bhisma
d)   A fisherman
05. Dhratarastra could not follow Akrura’s advice because ________.
a)   He found it illogical
b)   He had excessive attachment to his sons
c)   He wanted to follow dharma
d)   He was actually following true religion
Question No. 01 02 03 04 05
Answer: a d c b b
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