Canto 10, Chapter 30: The Gopis Search for Krishna – Quiz

01. The gopis asked ______ tree as to whether they had seen Krishna pass by.
a)    Kurabaka
b)    Asoka
c)    Naga
d)    All the above
02. Tired of searching for Krishna and asking everyone, the gopis________.
a)    Returned home
b)    Jumped in to the Yamuna
c)    Simply cried
d)    Began to act out different pastimes of Krishna 
03. There are ______ distinguishing marks on the soles of Lord Krishna’s lotus feet.
a)    19
b)    17
c)    15
d)    13
04. There are ______ distinguishing marks on the soles of Srimati Radhika’s lotus feet .
a)     1
b)    11
c)    19
d)    23
05. Lord Krishna abandoned other gopis and went away with ______.
a)    Radhika
b)    Lalita
c)    Champaklata
d)    Vishaka
06. As the special gopi was with Krishna, she bagan feeling ______ and asked Krishna to carry her.
a)    Tired
b)    Proud
c)    Ecstatic
d)    Frustrated
Question No. 01 02 03 04 05 06
Answer: d d a c a b
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