Canto 10, Chapter 28: Krishnaa Rescues Nanda Maharaja from the Abode of Varuna – Quiz

01. Nanda Maharaja entered the water of Kalindi on ______ day.
a)    Ekadashi
b)    Dwadashi
c)     moon 
d)    Full moon
02. Kalindi is another name for river_______.
a)    Ganga
b)    Yamuna
c)    Saraswati
d)    Kaveri
03. Nanda Maharaja was seized inside the water by________.
a)    Varuna
b)    Servant of Varuna
c)    Gigantic fish
d)    Kaliya
04. On seeing Lord Hari, Varuna________.
a)    Was in fear
b)    Was ashamed
c)    Was bewildered
d)    Was in a state of great jubilation
05. The cowherd men were brought by Lord Krishna to the ______ where they saw the planet of the Absolute Truth.
a)    Brahmahrada
b)    Brahmaputra
c)    Brahmakunda
d)    Brahmandaghat
Question No. 01 02 03 04 05
Answer: b b b d a
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