Canto 10, Chapter 16: Krishna Chastises the Serpent Kaliya – Quiz

01. When the cowherd boys fell lifeless on drinking the water of Yamuna________.
a)    The whole of Vrindavan was mourning
b)    Govinda brought all of them back to life by His merciful glance
c)    Special ayurvedic physicians arrived to take care of them
d)    The Serpent Kaliya was brought to remove poison from them
02. Yamuna river was also known as _______.
a)    Kumudi
b)    Kalindi
c)    Vaishnavi
d)    Ganga
03. By the poison of serpent Kaliya, the lake had turned ______.
a)    Red
b)    Hot and its waters were boiling
c)    Icy cold
d)    Complete black
04. Lord Krishna jumped from the _______ tree into the Yamuna to kill Kaliya.
a)    Taal
b)    Tamal
c)    Kadamba
d)    Peepal
05. During the fight of Krishna and Kaaliya, bad omens arouse _______.
a)    On the Earth
b)    In the Sky
c)    In the bodies of living creatures
d)   All the above
06. On seeing the inauspicious omens, the people of Vrindavan were overwhelmed with________.
a)    Grief
b)    Lamentation
c)    Fear
d)    All the above
07. Lord Balarama, on seeing the distress of the residents of Vrindavan,_________.
a)    Himself became overwhelmed with moroseness
b)    Gave strength by consoling them
c)    Jumped into the Yamuna to save Krishna
d)    Simply smiled
08. The wives of Kaliya were________.
a)    Equally poisonous
b)    Were bad but not poisonous
c)    Devotees of Krishna
d)    Dead
09. Lord Krishna saved Vrindavan by _______.
a)    Killing Kaliya
b)    Allowing him to be in Yamuna but be friendly
c)    Sending him to the ocean
d)    Liberating Kaliya
Question No. 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09
Answer: b b b c d d d c c
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