Canto 10, Chapter 14: Brahma’s Prayers to Lord Krishna – Quiz

01. Lord Krishna is addressed as agunasya which means ______.
a)    Without material qualities
b)    Without any qualities
c)    Without permanent existence
d)    Without any love
02. Generally everyone, including Brahma, has bodily measurement equal to ______ spans of his hand.
a)    5
b)    6
c)    7
d)    8
03. By ______, Lord Brahma personally experienced that all existence, being the potency of God, is nondifferent from Him.
a)    Severe repentance
b)    Mystical potency
c)    Lord Krishna’s mercy
d)    Meditation on Lord Krishna
04. The Lord’s multiple identity is explained by the term ______.
a)    Yogeshwara
b)    Mrtyunjaya
c)    Sarvatma
d)    Paramatma
05. Vaikuntha means________.
a)    Place full of danger
b)    Place where the Supreme Lord is seen at all times
c)    Place where there are no material miseries
d)    Abode of Lord Shiva
06. Lord Krishna’s lotus feet are described as pallava, because________.
a)    They are most tender
b)    They are of pinkish hue
c)    They are just like desire trees
d)    All the above
07. The activity of killing of Aghasura was celebrated on the ______ year of Lord Hari.
a)    5th
b)    6th
c)    7th
d)    8th
Question No. 01 02 03 04 05 06 07
Answer: a c c a c d b
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