Canto 10, Chapter 12: The Killing of the Demon Aghasura – Quiz

01. Krishna would go to the forest along with His cowherd boyfriends and _______ number of calves.
a)    Small
b)    Large
c)    Limited
d)    Unlimited
02. Aghasura was the younger brother of ______.
a)    Kamsa
b)    Putana
c)    Vyomasura
d)    Sakatasura
03. Everyday a demon would come and Krishna would kill them. This was happening because________.
a)    This added variety in the daily routine of Krishna and His cowherd boyfriends
b)    Because Gargamuni had predicted them
c)    Kamsa was a powerful demon
d)    Krishna had a curse
04. Aghasura assumed the form of a _______.
a)    Mountain
b)    Huge bat
c)    Huge Python
d)    Beautiful woman
05. Aghasura wanted to _______ Krishna and His friends.
a)   Tear apart
b)   Crush
c)   Swallow
d)   Drown
06. On seeing Aghasura the cowherd boy friends_________.
a)    Had absolutely no idea that they could be in danger
b)    Thought if at all it is a demon, anyways Krishna would protect them
c)    Were filled with greed to enjoy the situation
d)    None of the above
07. The pastime of Krishna killing Aghasura took place when Krishna was _______ years old.
a)   4
b)   5
c)   6
d)   7
08. The killing of Aghasura was revealed to the inhabitants of Vrindavana _______.
a)    Immediately
b)    The next day
c)    After 1 year
d)    After Krishna left to Mathura
09. Aghasura attained the salvation of ______.
a)    Sayujya
b)    Sarupya
c)    Salokya
d)    Samipya
Question No. 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09
Answer: d b a c c b b c b
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