Canto 10, Chapter 10: The Deliverance of the Yamala-arjuna Trees – Quiz

01. The two sons of _______ had been elevated to the association of Lord Shiva, of which they were very much proud.
a)    Manigriva
b)    Kuvera
c)    Yamaraj
d)    Lord Brahma
02. The two young men, Nalakuvera and Manigriva, were cursed to become ______.
a)    Animals
b)    Trees
c)    Insects
d)    Demons
03. The two young men were cursed by_______.
a)    Narada Muni
b)    Vasista Muni
c)    Durvasa Muni
d)    Uddhava
04. The curse for the two men was for a duration of _______ years.
a)    1
b)    10
c)    100
d)    1000
05. The pastime of Lord Krishna delivering Nalakuvera and Manigriva is known as ______.
a)    Damodara-lila
b)    Govardhan –lila
c)    Rasa-lila
d)    None of the above
Question No. 01 02 03 04 05
Answer: b b a c a
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