Canto 10, Chapter 08: Lord Krishna Shows the Universal Form Within His Mouth – Quiz

01. Gargamuni was a great authority in the knowledge of ______.
a)    Medicine
b)    Astrology
c)    Psychology
d)    Palmistry
02. _______ performed the name giving ceremony for Krishna and Balarama.
a)    Gargamuni
b)    Local priests
c)    Vasudeva
d)    Nanda
03. When mother Yashoda was bewildered by the vision of the Universe in her son’s mouth, she concluded_______.
a)    That her brain was deranged
b)    It to be the mystic power of her son
c)    The vision was due to her son’s activities
d)    None of the above
04. Nanda Maharaja, in his previous life was________.
a)    Drona
b)    Dhara
c)    Prasni
d)    Prajapati
05. Mother Yashoda considered her son, the Supreme Person as_________.
a)    God
b)    Mystic yogi
c)    Her ordinary child
d)    A transcendental yogi
Question No. 01 02 03 04 05
Answer b a c a c
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