Canto 09, Chapter 21: The Dynasty of Bharata – Quiz

01. Rantideva was the son of ________.
a)   Pandu
b)   Sankrti
c)   Guru
d)   Manyu
02. When only drinking water remained for the breaking of fast of King Rantideva, ________ appeared on the scene.
a)   Candala
b)   Sudra with a pack of dogs
c)   A brahmana guest
d)   All the above appeared together
03. ________ had presented before Rantideva as guests.
a)   Lord Bhrama
b)   Lord Siva
c)   Other demigods
d)   All the above
04. King Rantideva was actually attached to ________.
a)   Material benefits
b)   Wealthy kingdom
c)   Beautiful damsels
d)   Lord Visnu
05. When Sarasvan on seeing Urvasi discharged semen ________.
a)   1 baby boy was born
b)   1 baby girl was born
c)   1 male and 1 female were born
d)   1 goat was born
Question No. 01 02 03 04 05
Answer: b a d d c
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