Canto 09, Chapter 18: King Yayati Regains His Youth – Quiz

01. Yayati was the son of King ________.
a)   Yati
b)   Nahusa
c)   Ayati
d)   Krti
02. Nahusa, cursed by saintly brahmanas, degraded to the status of a ________.
a)   Rabbit
b)   Mouse
c)   Python
d)   Boar
03. ________ unknowingly put Devayani’s dress.
a)   King Yayati
b)   Sarmistha
c)   Sukracharya
d)   One of her friends
04. When rebuked by the cruel words of Devyani, Sarmistha ________.
a)   Was utterly humble and begged forgiveness
b)   Was furious, but remained silent
c)   Cursed Devyani
d)   Rebuked back, took away her garments and threw her into a well
05. On seeing King Yayati help her out of the well, Devyani ________.
a)   Requested the king to marry her
b)   Was ashamed and ran away
c)   Complained to her father
d)   Asked the king to take revenge on Sarmistha
06. When King Vrsaparva saw Sukracharya coming, ________.
a)   He immediately left his palace from the back door
b)   He went out and fell down in the street at the feet of his guru
c)   He sent out his minister o greet him
d)   He called for his daughter Sarmistha
07. Devyani’s desire was that ________.
a)   Sarmistha should fall at her feet and beg forgiveness
b)   Sarmistha should marry King Yayati
c)   Whenever Devyani gets married, Sarmistha must go with her as her maid servant
d)   King Vrasaparva should give half his kingdom to her father
08. When Sarmistha begged King Yayati for a son, the King ________.
a)   Agreed
b)   Went to his father-in-law to seek permission
c)   Went to his wife to seek permission
d)   Disagreed
09. When Devyani understood that Sarmistha was pregnanat by her husband _______.
a)   She was furious
b)   She departed to her father’s home
c)   Her father was extremely angry
d)   All the above
10. Sukracharya cursed Yayati to be ________.
a)   Attacked and disfigured by old age and invalidity
b)   Attacked by Lion and killed
c)   An animal
d)   Dead immediately
11. ________ agreed to exchange his youth with the King’s old age.
a)   Puru
b)   Anu
c)   Turvasu
d)   Druhyu
12. Maharaj Yayati was the king of the entire world and enjoyed material possessions for 1000 years. At the end of it _______.
a)   He married again
b)   He was completely satisfied
c)   He was more greedy than ever
d)   He was unable to be satisfied
Question No. 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12
Answer: b c b d a b c a d a a d
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