Canto 09, Chapter 16: Lord Parashurama Destroys the World’s Ruling Class – Quiz

01. Lord Parasurama travelled to holy places for ________.
a)   1 year
b)   10 years
c)   12 years
d)   100 years
02. When Sage Jamadagni understood the adultery in the mind of his wife, he told his sons to ________.
a)   Abandon her in forest
b)   Forgive her
c)   Kill her
d)   Send her to the Gandharva
03. When ordered by his father, Lord Parasurama killed His mother and brothers because ________.
a)   He found them equally offensive
b)   He was waiting for an opportunity to punish
c)   He k the power of his father practiced in meditation and austerity
d)   None of the above
04. When given benediction by His father, Lord Parasurama ________.
a)   Asked for the life of his mother and brothers
b)   Asked for the Kamadhenu cow
c)   Asked for the mystic weapon to kill Kshatriyas
d)   All the above
05. Lord Parasurama personally took up His ________, having decided to put an end to all Kshatriyas on the surface of the world.
a)   Sword
b)   Axe
c)   Bow
d)   Rope
06. In a place known as Samanta-pancaka, Lord Parasurama created ________ lakes filled with blood of kshatriyas.
a)   2
b)   5
c)   8
d)   9
07. Lord Parasurama completed ritualistic sacrificial ceremonies, took avabhrata-snana ,standing on the bank of river ________ and cleared all sins.
a)   Ganga
b)   Yamuna
c)   Cauvery
d)   Sarasvathi
08. Lord Parasurama still lives as an intelligent brahmana in the mountainous country known as ________.
a)   Mandara
b)   Makara
c)   Mahendra
d)   Mangalagiri
09. Visvamitra had ________ son(s).
a)   1
b)   100
c)   101
d)   111
10. Among all sons of Visvamitra, ________ was considered as eldest.
a)   Devarata
b)   Madhuchanda
c)   Astaka
d)   Harita
Question No. 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10
Answer: a c c a b d d c c a
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