Canto 09, Chapter 14: King Pururava Enchanted by Urvashi – Quiz

01. From Atri’s ________ was born a son named Soma.
a)   Thighs
b)   Ears
c)   Tears of jubilation
d)   Hair
02. Soma forcibly kidnapped ________‘s wife whose name was Tara.
a)   Indra
b)   Brishaspati
c)   Sukra
d)   Agastya
03. ________ joined the side of Brihaspati.
a)   Indra
b)   Lord Siva
c)   Ghosts and Hobglobins
d)   All the above
04. _________ delivered Tara to her husband.
a)   Lord Siva
b)   Lord Brahma
c)   Lord Vishnu
d)   Angira Muni
05. On knowing Tara was pregnant, her husband ________.
a)   Sent her out of the house
b)   Was very glad
c)   Ordered her to deliver the child immediately
d)   Burnt her to ashes
06. Actually the child of Tara belonged to _________.
a)   Soma
b)   Brihaspati
c)   Sukra
d)   Angira
07. Urvasi had been cursed by ________.
a)   Mitra and Varuna
b)   Soma and Sukra
c)   Indra and Brihaspati
d)   Varuna and Vayu
08. ________ had fallen down with Urvasi from the heavenly planet.
a)   2 dogs
b)   2 swans
c)   2 lambs
d)   2 goats
09. Pururava met Urvasi again at the banks of river ________.
a)   Ganga
b)   Sarasvati
c)   Yamuna
d)   Narmada
Question No. 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09
Answer: c b d b c a a c b
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