Canto 09, Chapter 11: Lord Ramacandra Rules the World – Quiz

01. Lord Ramachandra donated His kingdom by giving the entire east to the ________.
a)   Hota priest
b)   Brahma priest
c)   Adhvaryu priest
d)   Udgata priest
02. When Lord Ramachandra abandoned mother Sita, she went to the asrama of ________.
a)   Vasistha Muni
b)   Vishvamitra Muni
c)   Valmiki Muni
d)   Tulsi das Muni
03. Mother Sita gave birth to ________.
a)   A single daughter
b)   Twin daughters
c)   Twin sons
d)   A hundred sons
04. The 2 sons of Laxmana were_________.
a)   Lava and Kusa
b)   Angada and Citraketu
c)   Taksa and Puskala
d)   Subahu and Srutasena
05. Mother Sita gave up her life by ________.
a)   Entering into fire
b)   Entering in to the Ganges
c)   Entering into the earth
d)   Entering into the ocean
06. Lord Ramachandra performed the Agnihotra Yajna for ________ years.
a)   13
b)   1300
c)   13000
d)   130
Question No. 01 02 03 04 05 06
Answer: a c c b c c
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