Canto 08, Chapter 11: King Indra Annihilates the Demons – Quiz

01. ____________ was sober and tolerant and was well equipped with paraphernalia for fighting.
a)     Bali Maharaja
b)     King Indra
c)     Matali
d)     Vayu
02. Hearing the strong rebuking words of Indra, Bali replied________.
a)     All present on the battlefield are certainly under the influence of time and will receive their destined result
b)     Those who are cognizant neither rejoice nor lament for different circumstances
c)     Because Indra is jubilant on his victory, he cannot be considered very learned
d)     All the above
03. When ________ saw that his friend Bali had fallen, he appeared before Indra to fight.
a)     Bana
b)     Bala
c)     Paka
d)     Jambhasura
04. ________was Indra’s chariot driver.
a)     Matali
b)     Varuna
c)     Namuci
d)     Paka
05. ____________ attacked Indra and injured him.
a)     Bana
b)     Jambhasura
c)     Namuci
d)     Bala
06. ________demon could not be killed by anything dry or moist.
a)     Namuci
b)     Bali
c)     Paka
d)     Bala
07. King Indra severed Namuci’s head with a weapon of ________.
a)     Leaves
b)     Flowers
c)     Foam
d)     Water
08. _______ went before the demigods to stop them from fighting.
a)     Lord Brahma
b)     Narada Muni
c)     Lord Vishnu
d)     Lord Shiva
09. ________ brought to life all the dead demoniac soldiers who had not lost their heads, trunks and limbs.
a)     Bali
b)     Bana
c)     Brihaspati
d)     Sukracharya
Question No. 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09
Answer: a d d a c a c b d
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